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March 2013

Mennonite Disaster Service Works with Communities to Rebuild Lives

The nonprofit’s disaster relief efforts are built upon decades of experience.


Florida County Taps Faith-Based Community for Preparedness

Miami-Dade County’s Communities Organized to Respond in Emergencies initiative engages faith-based and community organizations in disaster preparedness and response.

Tablets’ Mobility, Connectivity Lead to Adoption by Emergency Managers

However, many in the emergency management community are still determining the best way to use them.

The Consultant Conundrum: When to Hire One and Why

Gisele Parry shares her expertise on when to hire consultants and how to manage them once onboard.

FirstNet Board Is Off to an 'Optimistic' Start

Kevin McGinnis is helping to drive the FirstNet board toward the creation of a nationwide public safety network.

Most Schools Are Ill-Prepared for an Active Shooter Scenario

It will take an all-hazards tactic, additional campus safety personnel and a new approach to building design for schools to become more hardened against the threat.


Sandy Refocuses Attention on Long-Term Recovery (Column)

It would be a shame to rebuild only to have the next storm cause Sandy-type damage to the same areas.

911 Call-Takers Are the Real First Responders (Opinion)

In some cases, it’s the call-taker who helps a frantic person on the other end of the line administer first aid by giving instructions over the phone.

Landlines Are Lifelines (Column)

From an emergency preparedness and management perspective, elimination of landlines is a very bad idea.


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