March 2009

Cops Manage the Streets With Large-Scale Wireless Video/Copyright iStockphoto

Law Enforcement Looks to Video Surveillance Networks

Technological advances spur growth of large-scale video surveillance networks.


Gulf Coast Rebuilding After Hurricane Katrina Means Developing the Work Force

Work force development is key to disaster recovery.

Claire Bailey, Arkansas Chief Technology Officer, Discusses State's Wireless Information Network

Arkansas CTO Claire Bailey gets agencies and local governments to communicate via 700/800 MHz system.


Collaboration Is More Important Than the Technology

Technology won't solve all coordination problems in disaster response.

Should Emergency Management Report to Elected Official, CEO?

Emergency responders can be part of a larger agency or department, or serve many local governments.

Minneapolis Call Center Commended After Bridge Collapse

Emergency response to Mississippi River bridge collapse earns praise for Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center.


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