March 2010

Craig Fugate

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate Opens up About Haiti, Ethics and Technology

Nearly a year into his appointment, Fugate sat down for a rare one-on-one interview with Emergency Management magazine.


Earthquake Early Warning System Coming to California

Seismologists are creating an early warning system to alert Californians before an earthquake occurs.

Management System Keeps Up-To-Date Records of Emergency Responders

Incident commanders can track personnel and equipment in real time on the scene and improve post-incident accountability using OnSite ERT.

Cyber-Warriors: Fortifying the Front Lines

Cyber-competition attempts to fill security professional void through 'sport.'

Analysis: Collecting and Sharing Information Is Not Enough

Intelligent information sharing has improved, but there’s a long way to go.

High-Tech Training Vehicle Aids Public Health, Emergency Management Education

Penn State’s LionReach training vehicle uses futuristic mannequins and the latest technology to provide education and aid real-world response.

General Services Administration Schedule 84 Offers Savings, Convenience

States and locals that buy from the preapproved roster of security and emergency vendors and products can save big bucks.


Alert Notification and the Matrix Abyss

A competitive matrix in the notification industry is virtually useless. It provides almost no meaningful assistance to making informed decisions.

The Importance of an Agency’s No. 2 Person in Charge

Although the focus of many programs is on the No. 1 person in the organization, the No. 2 person can play a pivotal role in the day-to-day affairs of the agency.

The Haiti Earthquake and the Moral Imperative (Opinion)

If we have a moral responsibility to respond, doesn’t that also mean we have a moral responsibility to prepare to respond more efficiently?


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