May 2011

Las Vegas Fusion Center Is a Model for Public-Private Collaboration

What happens in Las Vegas is filtered through unique layers of security and vetted by the fusion center.


Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Is an Ominous Sign for Critical Infrastructure's Future

Government’s ability to respond will be limited during catastrophic infrastructure collapse.

Behind the Scenes of San Diego County’s Preparedness Initiatives

Ron Lane addresses what the county learned from March's tsunami scare and the multitude of risks the area faces.

NASCAR Race Offers Testing Ground for Multiband Radio

Race series allows Arizona first responders to test radios across disparate frequencies in a high noise environment.

Dispatchers Should be Managed as More Than Just Telecommunicators

911 dispatchers must be carefully vetted since they have access to confidential information that could be easily misused.

New Technologies Provide Protection from Mail Security Breaches

Electronic scanning can help government agencies identify potentially dangerous mail.

California Hospital Seismic Retrofitting Projects Overcome Obstacles

Despite California’s stalled plans for an online tracking system for hospital seismic retrofitting, 80 percent of hospitals are said to be on schedule.


Black Swan Events Require Expanded Thinking, Planning

“Black swan events” are those that exist in the realm of possibility, but are totally unexpected — an aberration of our expectations.

It's Time to Toss the Three-Day Preparedness Message

For catastrophes, it is not a good planning assumption that we will be able to respond to individuals within three days.

Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative Critical to a Safer America (Opinion)

The NSI is designed to collect data on suspicious acts and behaviors that may have a nexus to criminal or terrorist activity — behaviors, not individuals.


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