November 2009

Australia Fires Nov 09 Cover Story

Hell on Earth: Australia’s Ferocious Fires Hit Surprisingly Close to Home

The rise of more dangerous wildfires forces communities worldwide to rethink how they handle infernos.


'Worst School District' Gets a Facelift After Katrina

The Louisiana Recovery School District teamed with FEMA for a speedy beginning on the long path of rebuilding New Orleans public schools.

Los Angeles Braces for a Multitude of Potential Disasters

James Featherstone, general manager of the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, discusses the city’s disaster preparedness.

Partnership Improves Santa Barbara County, Calif.’s Preparedness, Communication Capabilities

Through the Radio Ready Program, Santa Barbara County teamed with local radio stations to install satellite communications equipment to ensure the distribution of information to the public.

States and Locals Will Have to Quickly Find Ways to Spend Stimulus Cash

Mistakes, and possibly abuse, could result from the frenzy to spend billions of dollars in a short time.


Should College Campuses Continue to Deploy Blue-Light Phones? (Opinion)

For 20 years, college and university campuses have relied on blue-light call boxes to provide remote locations with access to police dispatch.

The Difference Between Lessons Observed and Lessons Learned

Though successful exercises are good, it’s many times the failures that provide the real learning opportunities.

Don't Ignore Children's Needs During Disasters

Save the Children surveyed the states to determine disaster preparedness requirements for children who are in schools or child-care facilities during disasters.


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