November 2010

Letter Carriers Add Bioterror Response to the Postal Service

Letter carriers prepare to distribute medical countermeasures following a biological attack involving anthrax on a metropolitan area.


Beverly Hills, Calif., Uses Virtual App to Prepare for, React to Emergencies

Interactive GIS application helps public safety officials better manage resources and responses in an emergency.

Staying Open: Disaster Preparedness for Small Businesses

Vulnerable small businesses find the answers to surviving a disaster.

Los Angeles County Prepares for a Nuclear Explosion

County officials respond to the mock detonation of a nuclear device and test a system that monitors for hazardous materials.

GIS-Based Interoperability System Alters How Virginia Manages Emergencies

An information-sharing system provides the state with a common operating picture during disasters while aiding a national pilot to capitalize on the power of GIS data.

Glen Woodbury Shares Lessons Learned, Future Emergency Management Trends

Woodbury is director of the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Homeland Defense and Security, and leans on decades of experience when he shares lessons learned.


Interoperability Is a Cultural Problem (Opinion)

Billions have been spent on interoperability since 9/11 and progress has been made, but it seems many view interoperability as something still to be attained.

If Gophers Were Terrorists (Opinion)

Envision what would happen if authorities discovered that these burrowing animals were trained terrorist operatives attacking critical infrastructure.

Hospital Shooting Reignites Debate Between Reasonable and Intrusive Security

The dichotomy for hospital security personnel is to design a system that’s unpredictable in its random crime prevention activities, yet predictable in basic building security duties.


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