September 2011

American flag hangs above the wreckage at the World Trade Center

10 Years After 9/11: How Far Did $635 Billion Spent on Homeland Security Go?

An examination of the last decade of homeland security funding and its future as government at all levels is being asked to do more with less.


What Caused Spring’s Explosion of Tornadoes?

Both the number of deaths and the fact that tornadoes touched down in places that rarely see them raised several questions.

Breaking the Cycle of Preparing for the Last Disaster

William Jenkins, director of Homeland Security and Justice for the U.S. Government Accountability Office, addresses the office’s role in looking at emergency management.

Universities Team with IT to Increase Safety on Campus

Universities bridge the cultural divide between IT, campus safety and emergency management.

Traffic Safety for First Responders Gets High-Tech Makeover

Transportation systems use technology to improve the safety of first responders and the public.

Hurricane Irene Causes Funding Diversion, Flooding in its Wake

As eastern states begin disaster assessments and continue flood response, FEMA is forced to divert money from previous disasters to focus on the response to Irene.

What the U.S. Can Learn from the Two-Pronged Attack in Norway

The Oslo, Norway, attacks were designed to confuse first responders.


Hiring the Right Way (Opinion)

The idea that you put together a job description and announcement, post it on the Internet and see who walks in the door is wrong.

9/11 Marked the Beginning of Major Changes to Health-Care Emergency Management

How the last 10 years impacted the future of health-care emergency management.


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