September 2009

When Disaster Strikes, Inmates Can Move to the Front Lines of Community Response

Inmates and prison facilities are an underutilized resource when communities find themselves in a crisis.


H1N1 Outbreak Causes Universities to Re-Examine Pandemic Flu Plans

The H1N1 virus caused the University of California, Davis to re-examine its plans for pandemic influenza.

Former DHS Assistant Secretary Robert Liscouski Discusses Critical Infrastructure

Liscouski says government should work with the private sector to manage homeland security risks.

Providence, R.I.: A Model for Public-Private Partnerships in Emergency Management

Providence Emergency Operations Center unites the public safety community, volunteers and the private sector.

How Atlanta Took Collaboration to the Next Level With Evacuation Plan

Regional evacuation plan guides elected officials, emergency managers and others during a crisis.


FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate Is More than a Spokesman

Fugate uses plain language, doesn't sugarcoat or dance around the issues.

What's the Secret Ingredient to Success in Emergency Management?

A lack of trust is a major block in moving regional emergency management initiatives.

Video Conferencing and NIMS a Winning Combination

National Incident Management System technology can provide the communication necessary to manage a major event like the Super Bowl.


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