December 2013

2013: The Year in Review

A look at the tech trends that shaped 2013 and what they mean for the future.

2013: The Year in Pictures

Highlights from 2013 caught on camera.

2013 Year in Review -- CIOs' Views

State and local CIOs give their take on the biggest issues of 2013.


7 IT Strategies for 2014

The seven technology trends you need to consider when planning for next year.

Four Questions

Arizona CIO Discusses Legacy ERP Replacement

Aaron Sandeen also talks about investment in staff training.


Baltimore Builds a Data Dictionary

By collecting and collating disparate data, government agencies are creating information repositories to assist decision-making.

Point of View

Inspiration for IT Leaders as We Head into 2014

One person can be the start of something big.

Public Safety

San Antonio License Plate Readers and Video Conferencing Resolve Overdue Traffic Tickets

In-car video conferencing improves overdue ticket collection in San Antonio.


5 Government IT Trends with Staying Power

What have we learned in 2013?

Becoming Data Smart

5 Issues to Watch in Data and Technology

As governments are seeking to move toward more effective uses of data, here are five topics to watch in 2014.


Spectrum: Bitcoin ATMs Hit Canada

John McAfee wants to create a device to block the NSA.


Platforms & Programs