February 2014

Fortune teller with a crystal ball

Disruptive Technology on the Horizon

A look at innovative technology that’s set to take the world by storm.

Wearable Tech Is Set to Take Off

The wearables market is poised to grow to as many as 171 million units shipped by 2016.

Does 3-D Printing Change Everything?

The technology is fostering innovation from the space station to elementary schools, but its impact is still a great unknown.

Who's Who in Big Data?

The big data marketplace is evolving rapidly. Here’s a look at some of the players.


5 Tips for Managing Millennials

Five tips for working with the generation that will soon represent a majority of your workforce.

Four Questions

Philadelphia Innovates Public Procurement

Story Bellows, co-director of the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, discusses the city's FastFWD purchasing program.


GitMachines Helps Reduce Barriers Between Government and Developers

By providing servers in an open source environment, GitMachines enables the creation of apps compliant with public-sector IT policies.

Point of View

Changes for the New Year

Though we're reducing the number of print issues this year, we remain committed to upholding the magazine's tradition of credible, high-quality coverage.

Case Study

Utah Network of Cameras and Sensors Keeps Traffic Moving

Utah tracks traffic and weather via thousands of sensors and cameras in its intelligent transportation system.

Becoming Data Smart

Big Data Gives a Boost to Health and Human Services

Data mining and predictive analytics will make social service agencies more effective.


Spectrum: Safer Subways, Real-Life X-Ray Vision

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is testing technology designed to alert subway drivers of people on the tracks; medical personnel can see through patients' skin to the veins underneath.

Product News

New Products from TYLT, Dell, Ergoption

iPad Air protective case, mobile workstation, ergonomic mouse.


Platforms & Programs