June 2013

gloves, dirty jobs

Dirty Jobs in Government

The responsibilities of state and local government aren’t always glamorous; in fact, sometimes they're downright dirty, difficult or dangerous. But here's a look at how tech is transforming some of government’s grittiest tasks.

Mark Russinovich: Software Whiz, Cybercrime Writer

Microsoft software guru Mark Russinovich uses his computer expertise to write successful technological thrillers.


6 Trends in the Next Generation of Government

Six ideas next-generation leaders have for transforming government.


Oklahoma Cities Collaborate on Mobile Policy

Oklahoma cities set mobile technology and social media standards for government agencies.

Four Questions

Four Questions with Orlando, Fla., CIO Rosa Akhtarkhavari

Orlando CIO Rosa Akhtarkhavari discusses tech trends and her leadership style.

Point of View

Re-engaging Your Staff (Opinion)

Appealing to new employees while cultivating existing workers.


Automation Is a Dirty Job

CIOs aren’t Mike Rowe, but their job can get really dirty at times.

Public Safety

Predicting Crime Using Analytics and Big Data

A unique approach to crime analysis may allow police officers to predict illegal activity.


Spectrum: Mobile Sensor Tests Water Quality

Plus, Australian scientists look to fruit flies to fight dengue fever.


Platforms & Programs