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March 2017

Big data

When Big Data Gets It Wrong

The number of information sources streaming into government has never been greater. But is it making us smarter?

Making It Legal: The Tech Implications of Regulating Recreational Marijuana

Legalizing recreational marijuana has a broad range of policy implications for government. Do jurisdictions have the IT systems in place to deliver on the will of the voters?

The Job of Data: The Chiefs in Charge of Data in the C Suite

Here’s a look at all the ambassadors for the new culture of evidence-based decision-making.

Video Analytics Is Ripe for Automation, But Is Government Ready?

From finding criminals or rioters in a crowd to metering toll traffic on busy bridges, the minds behind the technology say it won’t be long before a medium created by humans for humans is all machine.

Aiming Analytics at Our $3.5 Billion Unemployment Insurance Problem

Analytics is putting a dent in one of the highest error rates of any government benefits program.

Utah Finds Unexpected Benefits from Statewide Road Data Project

Lidar uses 40 sensors strapped to a vehicle to collect 2,000 points of data per second, creating a visual representation of the streets.


Presentation Remote Lets Users Navigate Content from 100 Feet Away

Plus, the Motorola Moto Z Play’s battery lasts up to 50 hours and Toshiba Tecra X40 notebook computer features multi-touch wide viewing angle display.

Data Points

Reports of the Death of Big Data Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

A close look at U.S. presidential election predictions shows that more investment in data, not less, is the way to avoid replicating these problems in the future.


San Diego Performance and Analytics Director Talks Trends in State and Local IT

In this Q&A, Almis Udrys discusses his role with the city and "cross-pollination" with other cities.


Rage Against the Routine: Public CIOs Have a Jobs Problem

The blast zone of the “automation bomb” is wider than we once imagined.

GovGirl on Social

From Social to Smart: Connected Communities Are Plugging in to Innovation

While it’s cool to offer cutting-edge connected technologies, the ultimate goal is to make communities safer and more energy efficient, to improve service delivery, and so on.

Becoming Data Smart

Analytics Tools Could Be the Key to Effective Message-Driven Nudging

Using Internet of Things ecosystems, cities can provide residents with real-time information so that they may make better-informed decisions.


Do Autonomous Robots Need a ‘Kill Switch’?

Plus, a high-tech Mayflower is preparing to make the historic journey of its namesake.


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