October 2014

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Age of the Cloud and Internet of Things

Cyberattackers aren’t invincible, but you probably need to rethink security.

Can We Talk: Creating a Common Language for Cybersecurity

Experts are hopeful that a new framework released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology will give agencies a method to evaluate the security of their computing environments against their peers.

12 Startups Poised to take on the Latest Cybersecurity Threats

The market is prime for a new class of startups that can decipher tomorrow’s cybersecurity threats.

The Role of Chief Security Officer is More Vital than Ever

Security leaders sound off: The CSO role may look different in every organization, but in an increasingly connected and open society, it's a critical one.

State and Local Governments Hustle to Fill the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

The shortage of cybersecurity experts is well documented. So what are agencies doing to fill the gap?

Four Questions

How Does the Cloud Change Cybersecurity?

Texas Chief Information Security Officer Brian Engle talks about how the cloud and the Internet of Things are impacting cybersecurity.

Case Study

Wages of Fear: How is Ransomware Affecting Government?

Ransomware was once a small-time malware problem, but it has exploded in use and become more sophisticated.

Becoming Data Smart

How Social Media Listening Can Improve Public Health

Citizen-generated data obtained by social media listening is becoming a valuable public health tool.


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