September 2016

The Big Redesign: What's Next for Government Websites?

States and localities have their work cut out for them when it comes to modernizing their portals.

The Role of Data Analytics in Predictive Policing

The exponential escalation of mobile computing and analytics has given officers intelligence on the go and greatly improved their chances of being in the right place at the right time.

How Granular Analytics Are Driving a More Sophisticated Approach to Campaigning

There are a lot of moving pieces, but the game’s objective is simple: Figure out which potential voters can swing the election, and fill their heads with bright ideas.

3 Ways Governments Are Working to Make Broadband Universally Accessible

Broadband is commonly described as a critical piece of modern infrastructure. Here’s how a city, a state and a school district are working to make sure everyone has access.

E-Government Function Trumps Form in the Quest to Shine Light on State Policymaking

Often the lack of modern search tools and Web best practices make getting to critical information on state legislative portals a challenge.

Four Questions

What Sets Great Government Websites Apart from Merely Good Ones?

Rob Stradling, director of the Baltimore County, Md., Office of Information Technology, shares what his winning portal has done to beat out the competition.


3 Advantages of Beta Testing City Websites

Cities are embracing the concept of beta testing, saying that the best thing to do before going live with a new website is to, in fact, launch a website.


Website Accessibility: Why There’s Still Work to be Done on Government Portals

Despite major tech advances, many organizations still struggle with digital accessibility.

Data Points

California Came Dangerously Close to Ruining What Makes Open Data ‘Open’ (Opinion)

Policymakers must recognize the importance of this public resource.


Innovation May Be Scary, But Can Lead to New and Preferred Futures

Third parties are doing what government cannot in mitigating risk, providing coverage, literally and figuratively, for the public sector and other players in moving forward with innovations.

GovGirl on Social

3 Major Concerns About Facebook Comments — and How to Address Them

Are you still nervous about Facebook comments? Here's how to address the top concerns faced by localities.

Becoming Data Smart

Stakeholders Must Support Initiatives for Tech’s Full Impact to Be Realized (Opinion)

Demonstrating how tech can augment rather than supplant city work can go a long way toward making workers more comfortable with new initiatives.


Smart Birdhouse Provides Free Wi-Fi to Reward Healthy Actions

The platform also lets local governments review data from the devices to better understand air pollution.


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