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Across the country, law enforcement agencies are using emerging tech to gather an unprecedented amount of data to drive down crime statistics. But are their efforts actually making a difference?
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Studies show American workers are changing jobs more frequently than ever before — government workers included. Updating the workplace for public-sector staff is just as key as any technology evolution.
In our fourth annual look at the growing market serving public-sector technology needs, 2018 saw some big deals and big exits that reshaped the way companies are approaching the gov tech space.
Portland, Ore., is tackling an abundance of untested sexual assault kits with an upgraded IT system that brings new efficiencies. Across the country, police agencies are using it to move past unwieldy spreadsheets.
From hurricanes to wildfires, emergency events are getting more destructive and more deadly. States, counties and cities are finding ways to reach a mobile population where they are with the vital information they need.
Indiana, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are among states focused on using data-driven methods and prescription drug monitoring programs to track the opioid epidemic, reduce its impact and save lives.
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