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An internship program at the University of Central Missouri's Innovation Campus allows students to intern at local technology businesses, in fields such as software development and cybersecurity, while taking classes.
Plus, Missouri is launching a new advisory council related to digital equity; Kansas is collecting more input on its broadband plans; Maryland is dedicating more money to getting people connected; and more.
Plus, NTIA is calling for strong rules to prevent digital discrimination, the FCC has set dates for broadband providers to display consumer labels, and more.
Attackers exploited the Log4j vulnerability in spite of mitigation efforts, compromised several accounts and began reconnaissance. Three days and 5,000-plus password resets later, the court system was back on safe ground.
The University of Kansas is spearheading a technology program that offers a comprehensive array of digital skills training to facilitate the reintegration of incarcerated women into society.
The University of Missouri will open a new lab in 2024 to familiarize students with technologies involved in smart manufacturing, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing, blockchain and robotics.
Thousands of low-income Missourians have contacted state officials through a call center, seeking more information about a recent attempt to steal computer data within the state's Medicaid program.
Energy-hungry cryptocurrency mining operations have caught the attention of state and federal lawmakers. While some welcome the operations, others are taking a more critical look at what they bring to the table.
Recently passed and proposed legislation across the country is bolstering telehealth expansion by redefining telehealth benefit specifications, enabling coverage across state lines and eliminating patient care obstacles for medical professionals.
MakeWay Safety is piloting a cloud-based safety platform at several St. Louis area police departments that allows first responders and other personnel to emit a warning to drivers when they’re approaching on roadways.