December 2011

The Year in Review: Cloud Computing Expands, CIOs on the Move

A look back at the people and events that shaped 2011.

How Will U.S. Automakers Achieve 54.5 MPG?

How will U.S. carmakers double vehicles’ miles per gallon in the next 12 years? There’s no big solution — but there are lots of little ones.


When Talking Becomes Doing: 4 Tech Issues We’ll Recall in the Future

A year in review the way Father Guido taught us.


What Big-Box Retailers Can Teach Government About Disaster Recovery

Companies have become masters of disaster as they’ve endured every type of emergency and learned lessons along the way.

Four Questions

CIO Flint Waters Outlines Wyoming's IT Priorities

Waters discusses state IT consolidation and transition to Google Apps for Government.

Gov 2020

7 Consumer Websites that Should Inspire Government Solutions

Why is there no Amazon, Yelp, Zipcar or Craigslist for government?

Point of View

A Christmas Story

Seeing the Silver Lining

Case Studies

Oregon, Montana, Utah and Colorado Partner to Share GIS Data in the Cloud

Four states are creating a project that could let governments host GIS data in the cloud.

Interactive Kiosk Makes Recycling Fun and Social in Asheville, N.C.

Recycling station uses technology to engage citizens and help the environment.

Public Safety

Motorcycle Medics Reach the Injured Faster in Austin

Paramedics in Austin, Texas, use motorcycles to shorten emergency response times on a congested highway.