Past Issues of Government Technology

February 2005

CPR for California

The California Performance Review is the latest blue-ribbon commission to prescribe state government reform.

Technology Evolution

Can emerging technology solve justice and public safety issues?

Made to Order

Using technology to shift power from government to citizens.


Doing Privacy in Public

Hurry up and wait for RFID.

Geo Info

To the Rescue

Montgomery County, Md., used GIS and other applications to reinvent and improve its Emergency Operations Center.

Electronic Government

Citizens First

E-government spurs local governments to better citizen service, ICMA survey finds.

Point of View

Star Power

Could this be the year things get done in California?

Product News

Product News

Mitsubishi, Kodak, G-Technology, Konica Minolta


On Course

Hazlehurst, Ga., gets in flow with automatic meter reading technology

Help Is on the Way

The Georgia Department of Human Resources takes a stand against benefits fraud.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon


Taking License

Virginia's proposal to use radio frequency identification tags for drivers' licenses raises hackles.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: IBM ThinkVision L190p

LCD monitor offers style and saves space.

CIO Profile

Jay Brummett

CIO, Ogden, Utah


Palm Readers

New technology helps Henderson, Nev., tap years of palm print data.