February 2006

High Tech in the Heartland

Although Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman has been in office for a little more than a year, he has already fashioned a well developed IT strategy for the state.

Does This Benchmark Make Me Look Inefficient?

States compare their back offices to those of other governments and similar private-sector organizations to measure their own efficiency.

Electronic Tether

GPS monitoring surfaces as the latest tool to track sex offenders.


Tech Tweak

A Texas grocery store turned police station presented technological challenges.


Dual Vision

Surveillance cameras in a Los Angeles low-income housing community offer more than just a watchful eye.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Hivemind 2525

Alienware's server goes to work for Government Technology.

Point of View

Helping Government Measure Up

Helping Government Measure Up

Geo Info

Off the Chart

A little-known GIS program might play an expanding role in policymaking.

Social Services

Coordinated Aid

Alabama creates a system to match donated goods and services to the needy just days after Hurricane Katrina.


Keepers of the Public Record I

Digital does not mean "different" where government's responsibility is concerned


Planning Ahead

An Indiana city and county consolidate existing network components into a clustered solution to keep themselves prepared in case disaster strikes.

Downtown Makeover

Cities try to lure young, educated professionals back to urban areas.


GT Spectrum

reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

Twinhead, Planar Systems, OQO, Palm