February 2008

Forensic Evidence Demands Rise as TV Crime Dramas Influence Juries

Shows like CSI create the perception that crime scenes contain plenty of physical evidence and that technology can provide conclusive results. The reality is altogether different.

Identity Theft Steals Millions from Government Health Programs

Stolen medical identities boost health-care costs and cause lasting pain for patients.

Electronic Health Records: Can Microsoft and Google Help?

As Congress and doctors dither on electronic health records, industry heavyweights unveil another - more personal -- option.

Big Picture

Dubai Internet City: High-Tech Oasis

The Middle East's biggest information and communication technology infrastructure marks its seventh year of operation.

Point of View

Tackling Medical Identity Theft

Tackling Medical Identity Theft

Geo Info

Shared GIS Helps Texas Cities Create Rich Online Maps

Texas cities get GIS for less.


E-Mail Etiquette

E-Mail Etiquette

Up Close

Global Warming: Is Telework the Answer?

Global Warming: Is Telework the Answer?

Green Technology

Oregon Consolidates 11 Data Centers into One Energy-Efficient Facility

Centralization and green technology cuts state's power bill by 35 percent.

The Last Mile

Climate Change Generates Near-Religious Fervor

Climate Change clergy demands we live to as-yet undefined green standards.

Electronic Government

Cape Coral, Fla., Automates Records Management

Cape Coral, Fla., implements a site-plan automation system.

Utah and Virginia Beach, Va., Provide 24/7 Online Support for Citizens

Jurisdictions expand live 24-hour support as number of online citizen services grows.


Norm Jacknis, CIO, Westchester County, N.Y.

Four questions for Norm Jacknis.