January 2006

Operation: Operability

Hurricane Katrina focuses attention on basic radio communications' ability to survive worst-case scenarios.

Zeroing In

How microtargeting is transforming political campaigns.


E-Waste Epidemic

Legislators seek new ways to handle electronic waste, the growing byproduct of the Information Age.


Goodbye Breathalyzer

The Alcotest replaces the Breathalyzer in parts of New Jersey.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Lenovo ThinkCentre M51

Will my fingerprints ever pass muster?

Point of View

Sale of the Century

Sale of the Century

Geo Info

A New Weapon

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania uses technology to identify and target criminals.

CIO Profile

Richard Vandenberg

Director of Communication and Technology, Reno, Nev.


Year One, A.D.

Drucker called the computer a "moron," but IT will miss him.


Simplify Taxes

The U.S. Department of the Treasury wants paper Federal Tax Deposit coupons to fall by the wayside.

Building Assets

Decision support software helps Missouri forecast annual statewide facility costs.

Electronic Government

Privacy Concerns

Fears for the safety of judges, police officers and other officials spark debates over personal information on e-government sites.

Inside Out

Kentwood, Mich.'s City Hall gets a technology makeover.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

Disc Makers, Intermec, Dell, NEC Display