January 2007

The New Space Race

Some states are betting on spaceports to bring in jobs and build an industry.

Second-Chance Points

North Carolina Deputy CIO Bill Willis talks about tackling statewide ID management ... again.


Lost in Translation

On the Internet, nobody knows you're unilingual.

Geo Info

Monumental Improvement

As genealogists turn to the Web to research public cemetery gravesites, city clerk's staff can devote more time to other tasks.

Electronic Government

Behind the Bench

Georgia judges now rely on a clear picture when considering cases.

Point of View

No Man Is an Island

No Man Is an Island

Product News


Lenovo, BenQ, Toshiba, LXE


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: As You Please

The malleable and customizable Gateway E-2600S lets you be boss.


Healthy Exchange

Hurricane Katrina spurs cooperation to build a prototype regional health information exchange in Louisiana.


Getting Through

Cameras help police respond to traffic issues in double time.

View From the Hill

Governments Get Smart

Governments Get Smart

The Last Mile

The Technology Devolution

The Technology Devolution