June 1999

Knowledge Management Is Power

Always the innovator, North Carolina's Jane Smith Patterson has a leg up on the competition in the field of knowledge management.

Knowledge Management: New Wisdom or Passing Fad?

Companies and governments, despite investing heavily in information systems, find their workers lacking the knowledge to perform effectively. Knowledge management may be the key.

Forests for the Future

GIS played a critical role in Headwaters negotiations.

Local Government

Permitting Passage on the Online Express

In one city, you can apply to improve the comfort of your own home from the comfort of your own home.

Getting a Public Education

Cities are offering employees a chance to learn in education technology centers.




Notes from the Field

Lessons From a Warship

Lessons From a Warship


Local jurisdictions have been dealing with increased demands and shrinking budgets for years. Providing just essential services

Once computers are networked, the number of possible problems proliferates.

Geo Info

Oysters Abound in Cajun Country

GIS helps Louisiana officials chart oyster-bed leases in the state's 400,000 acres of "bottom waters."


Technology Tools Navigate Students Toward Careers

Career-guidance software lets teachers steer students toward appropriate jobs, while encouraging kids to focus their goals.

CIO Profile

William M. Vetter

CIO Profile:


Fire Up Your Search Engines

As the amount of information stored electronically increases, governments turn to sophisticated search engines to find what they are looking for.

Product Focus

Java at the Crossroads

Pour a cup into your computer.


Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Product News

Product News

Product News