PAST ISSUES / June 2006

Technology and the Three R's

Can high-tech tools really improve academic performance?

Inside Information

State and local governments mold a new relationship with constituents, helping them become better and smarter consumers.

Second Time's a Charm

San Diego County applies hard-earned lessons in outsourcing IT to selecting a new outsourcing partner.


Another Bite of the Apple

A lesson for government's operating system.

Geo Info

Putting Violence on the Map

New York City uses GIS to analyze and improve the effectiveness of domestic violence programs.


No More Hiding

States use databases to pinpoint uninsured drivers and enforce auto insurance laws.

Electronic Government

Reaching Out

Missouri legislators adopt CRM to better manage constituent communications and enhance services.

Point of View



Product News


ViewSonic, Dell, Belkin, MPC Computers


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Nimble Notebook

Lenovo's lightweight ThinkPad X41 Tablet takes on heavyweight tasks.


Improving Performance

State human services agencies implement a reporting dashboard that gauges case workload performance.

CIO Profile

Curlie Matthews

CIO, Henderson, Nev.


Good Science or Just Bunk?

Controversy surrounds voice analyzers.