June 2010

National Intelligent Transportation Vision Begins to Take Shape

Research on smart driving systems show how information technology can change the way people commute.

In Lean Times, Information and Communication Technology Has Come Full Circle (Opinion)

Information and communication technology budgets must do more with less.

Law Enforcement in a Digital Age (Opinion)

Cyber-crime means more collaboration is needed at the state and local levels.


Law Enforcement Needs a Standards-Based Communications Infrastructure

It's time to collaborate on the right regional projects for information and communication technology and build upon them.

Regional Projects Could be Models for National Public-Safety Information Sharing

Colorado's COPLINK, Virginia's information exchange and the Automated Regional Justice Information System could be worth building upon.

Point of View

Does Technology Make Our World Too Convenient? (Opinion)

Analytics helps predict crime, traffic needs, but are we losing the human connection?

CIO Profile

CIO Steve Reneker Discusses How Riverside, Calif., Fights Graffiti with GPS-Enabled Cameras

Graffiti abatement tool uses GPS data to help link taggers to graffiti elsewhere in Riverside.

Geo Info

Crime and Traffic Safety Data Help Public Safety Agencies Reduce Serious Crashes and Crimes

Using data to find the overlap between traffic accidents and serious crime, public safety managers can deploy resources efficiently and effectively.


Washington State Virtual Vault Adds New Data and Documents

Document and e-mail repository offers centralized searches and can narrow them by time frame or document type.


Transparency Has Become Another Unfunded Mandate (Opinion)

Somebody must pay for the plumbing if transparency is to fulfill its promise.


Michigan's Award-Winning Approach to Securing the State's Wireless Network

Michigan Department of Information Technology upgrades the state's wireless network.

Product News

New Products from Lenovo, Leica, HP

High-definition monitor, GIS device, notebook PC.