May 2004

Evolving ERP?

Enterprise resource planning systems take on unconventional tasks.

Building Blocks

The justice system looks at analyzing information exchanges and adopting standards in its effort to build integrated information systems.

The Dean Dream

The 2004 presidential campaign may mark the beginning of a new era of Internet campaigning.


Strategic Sourcing

Smart procurement practices save governments a bundle.


Clearly a Hit

Chicago's CLEAR is a proven success -- so much that the Illinois State Police will soon merge its data system with it.

A SAGE Invention

An air defense system in the mid-1950s laid the foundation for the Internet Age.


No More Towers

Two U.S. cities are trading their cell towers for the new buzz -- mesh networks.

Tech Focus

Two Cents

Fujitsu Stylistic ST5000

Local Government

Manassas Powers Up

The city's electrical grid links subscribers' computers to fiber-optic network via broadband over power lines.

Point of View

Fight the Power

If enough ordinary people get together, extraordinary things can happen.

Geo Info

The Rise of the GIS Director

More state and local jurisdictions appoint GIS directors to oversee GIS at the enterprise level.

CIO Profile

Lawrence Bates

Director of Information Technology, Manassas, Va.


Another Look at Carly's Renaissance

Lessons in leadership and other observations.



Government IT projects make headlines.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.