May 2008

Fleet Management, GIS and Telework Power Green Government Efforts

California seeks better fleet data, Montana county maps wind and Virginia promotes remote work to cut energy consumption.

How to Cut Data Center Energy Consumption

Green strategies for reducing energy consumption and improving performance of government data centers.

Shared Services, Consolidation, Bulk Purchasing Help Ease Budget Pain

State budgets aren't in crisis yet, but SOA, consolidation and procurement changes can boost efficiency, CIOs say.


Prisons Use RFID Systems to Track Inmates

Prisons in California, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota deploy RFID tracking systems to manage inmates.

Point of View

Flexing Your Power

Governments get serious about energy conservation and sustainability

CIO Profile

Texas CTO Brian Rawson Previews Upcoming Procurements

State will rebid contracts for statewide network and TexasOnline Web portal.

How it Works

Plasma Gasification Turns Garbage Into Energy

Plasma gasification offers environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste and generate power.

The Last Mile

What Government Can Learn from In-N-Out

Key to Success: Focus on What You Do Best


Shared Service Keeps Inglewood, Calif., Competitive for Parking Ticket Processing

Public-private partnership lets California city upgrade multi-jurisdiction processing service.


Wireless Security Report Card Gives San Francisco a D

Government scores lower than finance, retail, transportation and corporations in vendor's wireless security survey.

Personal Computing

Pew Survey Offers Snapshot of Evolving Internet Use

Shopping, finance and information gather top list of online activities.

Electronic Government

Statistical Analysis Improves Business Performance in Westchester County, N.Y.

Westchester IT department creates statistical analysis unit to provide new insight into county operations.

311 Survey: Customer Service Systems Spread to Smaller Cities and Counties

311 systems reduce 911 calls and offer better customer service and management information - but cost remains an issue.

On the Scene

California CIO Teri Takai Discusses Her Approach to New Post

Takai and former astronaut Sally Ride appear at California CIO Academy.


CIA Watches YouTube; New Jersey Outlaws Texting While Driving

CIA Watches YouTube; New Jersey Outlaws Texting While Driving