Past Issues of Government Technology

November 2004

Big Iron's Rebirth

People once looked down their noses at mainframe computers, but a new generation of equipment may erase the passé stereotype.

Are We Ready?

Jerry Hauer shares his concerns about the nation's disaster preparedness.

Transformational Technology

A firsthand look at how one city used 311 and CRM as a catalyst for government change.



It really is not about software.

Geo Info

Delivering GIS to the Masses

Skip replication. Go right to dissemination.

Electronic Government

In Memory

States create Web sites for families of highway traffic accident victims to memorialize those who are gone.

Point of View

Getting Personal

Getting Personal

Product News

Product News

LapWorks, EZQuest, EnGenius Technologies, Logicube


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Nextel's Motorola i730 With TeleNav

GPS navigation in the palm of my hand was nifty in theory, but in reality, something's amiss.

CIO Profile

Chris Cummiskey

CIO, Arizona


Stepping Stone

Michigan State Police moves toward interoperability.


NASCIO Highlights from Annual Conference in New Orleans

NASCIO Highlights from Annual Conference in New Orleans

Local Government

Watching You Work

Napa County, Calif., improves internal accountability using work force performance statistics.