November 2005

Papers Please

The Real ID Act: A national ID card in disguise? Or necessary 21st-century security?

Boiling Point

Cities and towns build wireless broadband networks for residential use, but Congress is part of the fight now.

The Security Shuffle

Will the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reorganization mean better communications with local officials?

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Leading the Way

The Pharos EZ Road Pocket GPS Navigator is accurate, but not quick enough.

Point of View

Lessons from Katrina

Lessons from Katrina

Geo Info

Gaining Ground

New York City's Real Time Crime Center gives detectives a leg up over crooks.


From Textbooks to Tech Books

Empire High School in Vail, Ariz., is first in the state to replace books with laptops.

Affordable Option

Indiana finds open source software is key to making one-to-one student/computer initiative a reality.

CIO Profile

Howard A. Stern

CIO, Pittsburgh

Public Safety

Minor Protection

Michigan and Utah implement child protection registries to keep inappropriate e-mail out of children's inboxes, and raise questions in the process.


FEMA Not on Alert

Federal agency defies Congress and delays state-based approach to emergency alerting.


Download a Trip to the Library

Patrons of the Tampa Bay Library Consortium check out audio books without ever leaving home.

Saving Energy

A new online index provides an information resource for state lawmakers considering optimal energy efficiency policies.

Electronic Government

Window on Spending

City council members' expense reports receive public scrutiny via online publishing.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

Toshiba, Planar, Neopost, Devon IT