October 2001

Reconciling the Differences

States need to overcome antiquated systems to save lives in the event of an emergency.

Racing to Replace Retirees

A workforce crisis is looming as baby boomers prepare to retire. States are turning to succession planning to avoid major headaches.

Stepping Out

Mark Forman has been handed the job of creating electronic government at the federal level, and the man who will be watching him is the President of the United States. Pressure? What pressure?

Attack of the Server Snatchers

In June, the cracker group World of Hell hit five state government Web sites and one city government site. Government Technology asked them why, and found out its not about the information.

State of the Digital State: Part III

The Center for Digital Government surveys the 50 states to reveal whos getting the most out of technology in digital democracy and management and administration.


Virtual Visits

Videoconferencing is expanding its foothold behind prison doors as successful programs prove its public safety value.

Order in the Cyber Court

Michigan is attempting to launch a cutting-edge cyber court to speed business cases through the legal system.

Local Government

Small Cities, Big Advances

Desire is defeating tiny IT budgets as small jurisdictions lead their larger peers in developing and implementing technology.

Point of View

Keeping the Faith

The dark side of the peaceful revolution.

Geo Info

Picking Up the Trail

Crime analysis, agency cooperation and centralized data aid in proactive enforcement of sex offender/predator statutes in Pinellas County, Fla.

CIO Profile

Lynn McEnespy

Lynn McEnespy

Best of the Web

Web Design by the People

Fairfax County, Va., turned to its residents to help design a Web site that could bridge the digital divide.

Public Safety

Faster, Higher, Safer

Federal, state and local agencies will have their hands full during the 2002 Winter Olympics, but an Internet-based information system will allow them to respond to emergency situations as if they were part of one team.

Sending Back-up

The Miami-Dade Police Department is utilizing business intelligence software to streamline its data management system.

Gaining Ground on Wildfire

A new system is helping find and coordinate critical resources needed to combat wildfires.


Un-Retiring Reno

Janet Reno reveals her thoughts on the fight against Internet crime and the need for law enforcement to just work it out.

The Future of Public-Sector Internet Services: Pt. II

A national survey reveals the state of government participation on the Web.

Electronic Government

Stealth Reengineering

For some agencies its implement first, ask questions later.

Handing over the Reins

Outsourcing your states network management is a complex and risky proposition. Given previous debacles, is it still worth consideration?