July 2011

Deadliest Spring: Tornado Outbreaks Pushed Emergency Managers to the Limit

Tornado outbreaks created a deadly spring and devastated some cities.


California’s Mike Dayton Discusses Critical Infrastructure Protection, Fusion Centers

Acting secretary of the California Emergency Management Agency shares the challenges of protecting California.

California Analyzes Cell Phone Calls to 911 to Improve Public Safety

Project RED determines how best to route cellular 911 calls — initially all calls went through the state Highway Patrol.

New Tool for Emergency Messaging: Digital Billboards

Nationwide there are more than 2,400 digital billboards that could aid public preparedness.

Health-Care Emergency Managers Should be Educated In the ‘Academy Fashion’

By jump-starting your emergency manager, you jump-start your program and head toward successful compliance.

L.A. Prepares the Next Generation of Emergency Managers Through Internships

The three components that make Los Angeles’ internship program successful.

SAFER System Creates Situational Awareness Between Schools, Responders

System provides real-time video, photos and data on all 45 schools in the Frisco, Texas, Independent School District.


Applying Old Ideas to Rivers Yields a Worse Result (Opinion)

The definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a better result — applies to river engineering.

Readdressing the Hazards of Fire Extinguisher Use (Opinion)

When researching the medical effects of a dry chemical fire extinguisher exposure on a patient, critical analysis must be performed before stating with any degree of confidence that it is dangerous.

Have a Great Idea? Advice for Overcoming Implementation Challenges

People who are successful adapt by finding a way to see their ideas to fruition.


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