March 2011

Mark Sloan

Hurricane Katrina Hero Carries Lessons Learned to Future Challenges in Harris County, Texas

Mark Sloan's performance during the disaster earned him many accolades, including the President’s Call to Service award.


First-Ever National EAS Test Will Come From the White House

The FCC recently ordered all participants in the Emergency Alert System to take part in a national test later this year.

Hurricane-Proof Data Center Provides Continuity of Operations

Altamonte Springs, Fla.'s data center finds a permanent home in a decommissioned water tank.

Preparing for the Burn Surge and its Unique Challenges

Recent crises have challenged medical professionals to consider their options when burn and trauma disasters may be too big to handle.

Unmanned Aircraft Offer New Tools for the Emergency Response Arsenal

No longer solely for military use, unmanned aircraft have potential for civilian and commercial applications, particularly with regard to emergency response and relief efforts.

Secure Communities Program Uses Biometrics to Target Illegal Immigrants

Any person arrested and fingerprinted in nine states will undergo an automatic immigration check through the Secure Communities program.


Reaching for Elusive Operational Readiness (Opinion)

Experience comes from making mistakes, admitting that better choices were available, and applying lessons learned from those mistakes.

Preparing for a Medical Surge (Opinion)

We are woefully underprepared to surge positive and negative pressure beds and rooms when and where they are needed most.


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