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May 2014

Congress Tries (Again) to Sustain the National Flood Insurance Program

The program is $24 billion in debt and that deficit won’t be erased without reform.


Iowa Responders Break the Silence with New Joint Radio System

The new system is allowing neighboring emergency responders to communicate smoothly for the first time in 40 years.

New Institute Will Help Connecticut Communities Prepare for Rising Sea Levels

The Institute for Community Resiliency and Climate Adaptation’s goal is to create real-world solutions for the growing risks that are being posed by climate change.

How Emergency Managers Can Come to Terms with the Cyberworld and its Threats

Cyberincidents follow the same path as other emergency incidents, and preparing for them is necessary.

The Science of Predicting Climate Change and Future Flooding

NOAA’s Mathias Collins discusses findings from a study of stream gauge records for the past 100 years.


Are You Promoting Climate Adaption Measures? (It’s Time to Start)

While the rest of the world has been thinking about the warming climate for some time, we in the U.S. are catching up on the issue.

FirstNet Moves Into First Gear (Column)

With a number of announcements and a new website, the $7 billion First Responder Network Authority appears to be moving forward to accomplish its mission of creating a nationwide public safety broadband network.

Paradox of Change

Trends suggest that the climate is warming, and whether you believe it’s happening because of man’s carbon footprint or naturally, the response should be one of preparing for the worst.


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