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November 2013

Is it Time to Develop a New Blueprint for Rebuilding?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of rebuilding for today, instead of rebuilding for the next generation.


Are Emergency Management Graduates Finding Jobs?

Signs point to academic expertise having a more significant impact in the emergency management workplace moving forward.

Communication Tools Make Monterey’s CERT Self-Sufficient

Radio system allows Monterey, Calif., CERT members to report damage assessments and keep the EOC directly in contact with different neighborhoods.

LA Builds Resilience Through Wide-Reaching Relationships

Project engages social connections to develop self-sufficient, resilient communities in the Los Angeles area.

Lessons Learned for Facing the Public in Disaster

Harris County, Texas' Francisco Sanchez learned from Hurricane Katrina to give the public what it wants.


Never Say You're Ready (Opinion)

The question "are we ready?" strikes at the heart of being an emergency manager.

IPAWS Is Just the First Step (Column)

The current implementation of FEMA IPAWS is a first step on a long road to create a coherent, orchestrated, unified national public warning strategy.

More Costly Floods to Come (Column)

Flood defense has been designed for past conditions, and continuing the trend will be catastrophic.


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