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September 2014

Innovative Plans Help Cities Effectively Live with Water

New York City and New Orleans are taking a collaborative approach to addressing a water and hurricane-intensive future, including a focus on working with water rather than trying to pump it all away.


Chief Resilience Officers: Coming to Your City?

Chief resilience officers begin to guide cities toward a future that’s better prepared for physical, social and economic challenges.

Intentions to Action: Tips for Creating a Culture of Preparedness

Mary Schoenfeldt, of the Everett, Wash., Office of Emergency Management, shares her decades of expertise on increasing community preparedness.

Confronting the Challenges of Evacuating People with Disabilities

Tips for planning for the evacuation needs of disabled persons in the community.

Mine Accident Shows the Importance of Training Learned and Applied

After a tragic mine accident in Ouray County, Colo., a coordinated response saves lives thanks to training just the day before.


More Diversity Is Needed in Emergency Management

We are limiting our effectiveness by not having a more diverse cadre of emergency managers.

It’s Time to Move Beyond Exercises in Futility

Organizations may be ready for a new kind of dynamic exercise, based on risk-reward principles.

Resiliency Begins Now

The ability to respond, mitigate and recover from disasters means being resilient.


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