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May 2015

Oso, Wash., mudslide

Beyond the Chaos: 3 Stories of Those Under the Gun During Major Crises

These are the stories of the unique responses made by emergency managers during times of crisis.


How Emergency Management Is Becoming More Nationalized

New Orleans’ Eric Pickering has seen the cost of disasters and has warnings for the future.

The Ticking Rail Car: First Responders Are Preparing for the Worst

Railways are now carrying highly explosive Bakken crude oil, making emergency managers' jobs even tougher.

How to Develop an Effective Internship Program

A successful internship benefits both emergency management students and agencies.

Longer Messages Are Needed for Wireless Emergency Alerts

A DHS study says 90-character WEA messages create a "milling" effect and are insufficient to convince people to take protective action.

Police Taking Page from the Military by Saving Lives with Tourniquets

In response to the rise of large-scale attacks in public places, a goal is to place tourniquets in malls, ballparks and universities.


5 Elements of Proactive Situational Awareness

How information is analyzed, processed and acted upon often means the difference between life and death.

When Is Good, Good Enough for Emergency Planning?

Planning, training and exercising are supposed to be continuous in the emergency management field. The question is, when are you done?

Lessons Taking Hold

Does it always take a disaster to hit a community before lessons take hold?


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