April 2014

Robots, Drones and the Uncertain Future of Work

If machines can do something better than people can, it would be senseless to hold back progress for fear of lost jobs. Finding or inventing a new job, however, is harder than it once was.

Big Data Could Bring Governments Big Benefits

Huge potential and relatively thin uptake for analytics in government.

Thinking Big on Sustainability

Building 21st-century cities means taking the long view.


Are Cities Losing Control Over 'Smart' Initiatives? (Opinion)

Data-driven transformation raises question of how much power to keep vs. farm out.

Four Questions

Los Angeles County CIO Improves Communication, Deploys Enterprise Services

CIO Richard Sanchez says one of his first challenges was coaxing 34 very large and very independent departments to collaborate among themselves and with the central IT department.


Can FAA Drone Sites Help Planes and UAVs Coexist?

Drone test sites in North Dakota, Nevada and Alaska offer unique resources and expertise to help UAVs seamlessly integrate into the national airspace.

Point of View

A Step Toward Better Cloud Purchasing

Government leaders and vendors meet to talk about bringing procurement into the cloud era.


Does Ponca City Have the Fastest Free Wi-Fi in the Nation?

A small Oklahoma city claims it does -- and local officials did it themselves.


Utah Launches Google Glass App for Public Transit

The state tests appetite for wearable technology as part of an overall strategy to better serve mobile users.

Becoming Data Smart

Data Helps Calculate the True Costs of Blight

A data-rich understanding of properties in distress informs a better plan of attack.


Spectrum: Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

Also, the healing power of silk and could drones be the answer to getting the rest of the world online?

Product News

Mobility at its Finest -- New Products from LG, Acer, Toshiba

The smartphone, all-in-one and mobile workstation offer versatility and fast, smooth performance.


Platforms & Programs