August 2013

Mark Bengel, CIO, Tennessee

The Future of the IT Workforce

CIOs are rethinking the hiring process as they seek leaders to replace an aging IT workforce.

Governments Turn to the Cloud to Manage Apps

More government agencies are migrating major applications to the cloud, a move that offers multiple benefits. But some suggest caution.

Is Bitcoin Too Big for Government to Ignore?

Bitcoin and other digital currency may find its way into government yet.


5 Tips to Improve Virtual Training and Events

Here are five ways to boost virtual conferences and trainings.

Four Questions

CIO Marc Touitou Discusses San Francisco's IT Priorities

Marc Touitou talks about IT challenges and goals.


Will PRISM Impact Open Data Efforts?

News of widespread online spying by the National Security Agency has some open data proponents concerned about their image.

Point of View

Investing in the Future

Nearly everyone is wrestling with some form of HR challenge.

Public Safety

Florida Sheriff's Office Uses Appliance to Better Search Databases for Crime Information

Orange County uses the Google Search Appliance to crawl different law enforcement databases in search of suspects, fugitives and information.

Case Study

TxDOT Moves IT Workers to Private Firm

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) announced that 350 of its IT staff will become employees of NTT Data, the agency's new IT provider.

Becoming Data Smart

Value Investing: The Case for Technology

Public entities nationwide are incorporating data and technology into their operations and producing new levels of efficiency, community engagement and public value.


Spectrum: The Public Approves of State and Local Government

Also, carbonized coffee socks eliminate funky feet.