January 2015

Could Better Health Be all in the Wrist?

Doctors aren’t necessarily clamoring for patients’ Fitbit data, but wearable technology may just be poised to transform medicine.

Data Sharing and Analytics: Changing HHS For the Better

In many states, IT planners in health and human services have sought ways to bridge the divide, gathering data from disparate sources across government to inform the public, drive better policy and improve social outcomes.

Digital Health Dilemma: Regulators Struggle to Keep Pace with Health-Care Technology Innovation

Health IT firms are urging Congress and federal agencies to clarify and simplify several aspects of regulation, and to more frequently update their guidance.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Cybersecurity in 2025

What gaps in virtual protection must be addressed?

Four Questions

OpenFDA: Making Federal Public Health Data Sets Accessible

Taha Kass-Hout, chief health informatics officer for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, talks about the creation of openFDA.


Using Social Media Data to Identify Outbreaks and Control Disease

Could infectious disease surveillance systems that accurately track social media data inform early warning systems and outbreak response?

Big Picture

Photo of the Week: Germ-Zapping Robot Uses Pulsed UV Technology to Disinfect

This germ-zapping robot from San Antonio-based Xenex uses pulsed ultraviolet technology to disinfect hospital rooms to help control infection.

Point of View

Bigger Data and Smaller Dollars

Dollars may be short, but data is everywhere.

Data Points

Data-Driven Innovation: Why States Should Build Multipurpose Analytics Platforms

From education to transportation, virtually every state agency is looking to data to improve performance.

GovGirl on Social

4 Common Mistakes in Government Social Media Policies

These best practices are commonly overlooked in the development of government social media policies.

Case Study

Fingerprint-Supported Web Portal Helps Kentucky Protect Vulnerable Citizens

The portal pulls state and federal law enforcement data on health-care job-seekers, adding another layer of protection that identifies prospective workers hiding illegal or abusive acts committed in other states.

Becoming Data Smart

5 Tips for Getting Started with Analytics in Government

These five elements can help you make the case for how mobile tools, data mining and cloud software can be combined to improve responsiveness.


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