July 2014

Miguel Gamiño Jr., CIO for the city and county of San Francisco

How the Cloud is Changing Everything for Government IT

More governments are doing big data analytics, high-performance computing, collaborative applications and disaster recovery in the cloud.

The Public Sector Considers Mobile-First Approaches to Citizen Interactions

More states and cities are announcing “mobile-first” strategies, but what does that really mean?

Agencies Inch Toward Solutions on BYOD

Solutions to deal with security and data privacy issues have sprouted up in droves, but is there a good fix to the people problem?

Four Questions

Montana CIO Discusses BYOD, Security

Ron Baldwin talks about securing employees' mobile devices in the workplace.

Point of View

A Cloud-First, Mobile-First World

State and local agencies are harnessing the cloud in new and creative ways.

Public Safety

California’s JusticeMobile Redefines Police Work in the Field

The California Department of Justice’s mobile application platform sends vital information to officers’ smartphones.

Case Study

How Virtual Desktops are Saving the State of Iowa $6.5 Million a Year

Following some start-up glitches, the Department of Workforce Development's installation of thousands of cloud-based computers for unemployment benefits and job searching has been deemed a success.

Becoming Data Smart

Health Data Isn’t Just for Hospitals

How planners in Oregon and Kentucky use smartphones to collect valuable information.


Spectrum: Prioritize Digital Communications, LED Light Therapy

Plus, a new kind of fruit tree is popping up in Europe -- green- and red-colored solar charging stations.

Product News

Meet the ASUS Padfone X: HD Phone and Tablet in One

Also, the Logicube ZX-Tower can wipe eight drives simultaneously and the Soofa is a free outdoor charging station that offers location-based information.


Platforms & Programs