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July 2018


Drones Take Flight for Local Government

Four regions of the country are poised to take advantage of relaxed rules from the FAA.

Is Government Ready for AI?

Everyday uses of artificial intelligence that can talk, listen and see are coming. Is government ready?

Charting a Course to 5G

5G wireless networks could accelerate the smart city revolution. But the technology's hefty price tag has meant few takers so far.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Climbing the Ladder of Technology Leadership

There's no one path to a career at the top of the heap.

Four Questions

Creating an Equitable City in St. Paul, Minn.

For CIO Sharon Kennedy Vickers, residents are at the heart of St. Paul's IT goals.


State CIOs Talk Emerging Tech

We asked state CIOs about what they consider to be the next big thing in government IT.

Mobile Drivers' Licenses to Debut in Iowa This Year

In what’s believed to be a first for any state, Iowa residents will have a chance to use their smartphones as ID.

Autonomous Vehicles: Coming to a Road Near You (If They're Not There Already)

Across the nation, states are passing autonomous vehicle legislation and in some cases these vehicles are already roaming the roads. Here’s a look at where autonomous vehicles are and where they’re going.


Dell Launches New Family of All-in-Ones

Plus Avido's WiBa wireless charger can power a smartphone two times, and the Globalstar Sat-Fi2 is a lightweight, portable, reliable satellite hotspot.

Point of View

Emerging Tech Isn't Necessarily New

Blockchain technology is 10 years old, but government may still be its biggest beneficiary.

Data Points

When Do Privacy Regulations Go Too Far?

While privacy laws are often well-intentioned, their unintended consequences can be far-reaching.

GovGirl on Social

Selling Your Boss on Social

Why leaders often don't listen, and how to make sure they do.


USGS Drone Saves Hawaii Resident from Lava Flow

Plus, a study identifies the most vulnerable parts of smart cities, and robots may be the solution to saving the bees.


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