June 2014

Daren Arnold, chief privacy officer, Ohio

Rise of the Chief Privacy Officer

Chief privacy officers are common in the commercial world and at the agency level. Is there a role for a statewide CPO?

Rethinking Privacy: Though Technology has Outpaced Policy, That's No Reason to Give Up

Privacy is almost universally valued by humanity, but technology is advancing so quickly that people haven’t had time to settle on a useful definition for the word -- let alone a solution that everyone can live with.

Can Student Data Improve Learning Without Compromising Privacy?

Striking a balance when it comes to student data means creating an environment where technology and privacy work in tandem to maximize learning.

Four Questions

Pennsylvania CISO Erik Avakian is Developing Strategies to Improve Security for All States

As chief information security officer for the state, Avakian is aligning with nationwide security initiatives, putting them in place to build momentum at the state level.

Point of View

CIOs Await E-Rate Changes

The FCC plans to update the 20-year-old technology program for schools to streamline the application process and refocus on broadband.


Big Data Raises Questions about Privacy, Innovation and Choice

Big data has just begun to show us the potential for solving intractable problems, and powering innovation and economic growth, but analytics have the potential for misuse of personally identifiable information.

Becoming Data Smart

Can Analytics Help Curb Violence?

Promising public safety initiatives are helping make city streets safer for all.


Spectrum: Sustainable Streets with LED Lights, the Medical 'Selfie'

Also, shoe insoles connected to smartphones improve mobility for the visually impaired, and "roll-up" technology is on the horizon.

Product News

SIP Phones and a Ring that Turns Movement into Commands

Plus, the Snakable USB cable protects connectors from breaking.


Platforms & Programs