June 2016

Effort to Build a Smarter Transportation Network Takes a Giant Step Forward

A $50 million prize awaits one of seven cities testing the best ways to deploy intelligent transportation.

A New Smart City Model Is Emerging

Instead of the sweeping overhaul first envisioned, today’s smart city initiatives are evolving on a far more modest scale.

What Role do States Play in the Push to Get Smarter?

IoT projects in cities grab most of the headlines, but there's a place for states.

Four Questions

Seattle's Civic Tech Advocate Promotes Innovation, Engagement

Candace Faber is working to figure out how to create real space for more innovative thinking about how the city uses technology to solve civic problems.


Philadelphia CIO Charlie Brennan: Tweaking the Tech Landscape

Chief Innovation Officer Charles Brennan replaced Adel Ebeid, and is bringing with him some structural changes of his own.

Data Points

Connecticut's Facial Recognition Bill: A Model for States?

State legislators step back from a bill that would limit such technology and instead take a reasonable approach — that should serve as a model for state legislators considering regulation for other emerging technologies.

Spectrum + Products

Baseball Players Get Hi-Tech, Can Blockchain Transform Voting?

Plus, a look at passive Wi-Fi, and how to bring off-grid sterilization to those in need.


10 Steps to Successful Podcasting on the Cheap

A cheat sheet on how to create a podcast -- presented as a Letterman-esque Top 10 list.

GovGirl on Social

Lighten Up: It’s OK to Have a Little Fun on Social Media

Social media messages don’t always need to sound like they come from government.

Becoming Data Smart

5 Key Themes to Consider When Implementing Internet of Things Initiatives

Data collected from the Internet of Things must be integrated into existing strategies while keeping new challenges in mind.


Platforms & Programs