March 2015

open data

Open Data’s Next Move

The information is out there somewhere. Now, can we find it and use it?

Open Data Evolution: From Increasing Transparency to Engaging Citizens

Small, medium and large cities share how open data efforts are evolving in their communities.

Chief Data Officers: Shaping One of the Newest Positions in Government

Four prominent CDOs discuss the work they do and the meaning of their jobs in the overall structure of civic governance.


Mandating Transparency

Open data legislation shows no sign of slowing down. Here’s where new laws can be expected in 2015.

Four Questions

CIO Mark VanOrden Discusses Utah's New Open Data Portal

Utah is aiming to have all state and local open data online by December 2016

Big Picture

Photo of the Week: New York City's IT Epicenter

Open since 2013, the facility has the people and tools to tackle a variety of tech issues affecting infrastructure, applications, network, voice and data functions.

Point of View

Open Data and the Power of Engagement

Governments don’t need to figure out open data on their own.

Data Points

How Open Is University Data?

States should push public universities to adopt open data policies.

GovGirl on Social

Who’s in Charge of Social Media?

How social duties have evolved since government got on board.

Becoming Data Smart

Why Benchmarking Matters

How other cities’ progress should factor into your transparency efforts.


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