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March 2018

Are Open Data Efforts Working?

Over the last decade, state and local governments have invested in open data initiatives. Have those efforts done what we thought they should?

The Quest for Digital Equity

A look at the evolution of the challenge to ensure advances in technology bring benefits to everyone.

Redemption for the DMV

Once the laughingstock of government technology, today DMVs are in the fast lane when it comes to innovation.

Four Questions

Chicago CIO Danielle DuMerer Works to Streamline Citizen Service Delivery

Plus updates on the Array of Things Project and the city's redesigned website.


Creating a More Democratic Information Infrastructure

Research shows that Internet searches can contribute to social inequity. What can be done about it?

Meeting Users Where They Are

How mobile responsiveness and site design can bridge gaps created by digital inequities.

Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm Will Negatively Impact Government

Efforts to shake up the amount of commercial content on the popular social media platform are affecting government agencies that use it as a way to reach their constituents.

Chicago Police Cut Crime with Major Upgrades to Analytics and Field Technology

Since deploying six Strategic Decision Support Centers across the city, Chicago saw a 21 percent drop in shootings last year.


How Can You Create Privacy in an Open Office?

Plus, the HP Jet Fusion 300/500 3-D printers produce functional full-color parts, and Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon has up to 15 hours battery life.

Point of View

Becoming Citizen-Centric

As government turns to AI to better deliver services to all residents, concerns arise around privacy issues.

Data Points

Drawing Outside the District Lines

Putting algorithms in charge of redistricting could fix gerrymandering.


Revisiting the Routine Citizen Experience

As government websites evolve, a simple vehicle registration renewal takes on new meaning.

Becoming Data Smart

Beyond Duck-and-Cover

In an increasingly tech-centric world, emergency preparedness means including data in drills.


Is Government Blogging Dead?

Exploring an underused outlet for engagement.


Former Tech Employees Work to Curb Tech Addiction

Plus, South Australia creates the world's largest virtual power plant, and Amazon solves the problem of accidental Alexa wakes.


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