November 2013

Why Do We Still Use Passwords?

They’re simple and cheap, but usually not all that secure. Why haven’t we moved to something better?

Bringing Women and Minorities to IT

Groups work to reverse decades of cultural barriers that keep women and minorities out of technical careers.

Building Addictive Mobile Apps for Citizens and Employees

How to build mobile applications that users can’t live without.


8 Stats for Leaders: From the Retirement Gap to Cloud Spending

Eight statistics every government leader should know.


Michigan and Illinois Forge Historic MMIS Partnership

Sharing a Medicaid Management Information System could lead to millions in savings for the states and federal government.

Four Questions

Massachusetts Police Chief Discusses Trends in Law Enforcement

William G. Brooks III, of the Norwood Police Department talks drones and predictive analytics.


New Products from Epson, Canon, Gyration

Label printer, security camera, compact and full-size keyboards.

Point of View

Embracing Disruption

Uber, Lyft and other members of the sharing economy are onto something.

Public Safety

Balloons for Emergency Communications: Not Just Hot Air

LTE based in balloons may help in future disasters and other emergencies.

Guest Column

7 Tactics for 21st-Century Cities

Seven ways for modern cities to innovate.

Case Study

Idaho Restaurant Menus Go Braille Friendly

Idaho uses specialized software and printing technology to make Braille menus for restaurants across the state.

Becoming Data Smart

Paint a (Data-Driven) Picture

Visualizing information is the next step in making open data portals more useful to the public.


Spectrum: 3-D Goes Mobile

Sensor technology to protect the elderly, spotting polluters.


Platforms & Programs