September 2014

Molly Turner, head of policy at Airbnb

How the Sharing Economy is Strengthening Emergency Response and Recovery

Governments are recognizing that sharing economy platforms can provide a vital link between needs and resources in times of disaster.

Hard-Won Experience: Lessons from America’s Biggest Disasters and Emergencies

Public officials who’ve been at the center of response and recovery efforts reminisce on what went wrong and right, what works and what doesn’t, and how their experiences might be useful for others.

More on Resiliency

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Governing: The newfound enthusiasm for “resilience” is changing local policy across the country. In coastal cities such as Norfolk, Va., as well as inland places like Dubuque, Iowa, resiliency efforts are helping address longstanding problems and anticipate new ones.





Emergency Management: Moving beyond traditional flood remediation efforts, New York City and New Orleans are learning to “live with the water.” By reimagining their cities as flexible networks relying on natural processes, officials plan to mitigate heavier concentrations of rain and flooding.



Four Questions

How Can Predictive Analytics Improve Disaster Response and Recovery?

Adam Thiel, deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security for Virginia, talks opportunities and challenges.

Business Continuity

Underwater: Data Centers Nationwide Must Prepare for Flooding

Climate researchers predict sea-level rise will eventually submerge 316 coastal cities in the U.S. How are government data center managers planning for the future?

Case Study

Shared Services Agreements Aim to Keep IT Operations Afloat in the Next Big Storm

Governments team up to develop backup arrangements for tech services in the event of an emergency.

Becoming Data Smart

Austin Targets Youth Obesity With Neighborhood-Level Data

Neighborhood-level maps illuminate the conditions faced by families and children in the area, all while protecting personal information.


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