September 2015

Unmasking Hacktivism and Other High-Profile Cyberattacks

Today any government can suddenly find itself the center of worldwide attention after a divisive event, drawing the unwelcome attention of hackers with a political agenda. Here’s how to prepare.

States and Localities Consider Security as a Service

Is security the next as-a-service offering you’ll be sending to the cloud?

Has the Time Come for Software-Defined Data Centers?

Completely virtualized data centers may be the future for large, sophisticated jurisdictions. But they’re still a few years away.

Cybersecurity Strategies

The Security Paradox

Why breach prevention and response strategies are both essential.

Four Questions

Interview with Retiring MS-ISAC Founder Will Pelgrin and Incoming CIS CEO Jane Lute

Will Pelgrin started the MS-ISAC more than a decade ago, and he is a leading voice in government cyberdefense. Tomorrow is his last day with the Center for Internet Security, and I caught up with him and new CEO Jane Lute to discuss the past, the present and the future of global cybersecurity -- especially within governments.

Open Gov

Window into Public Policy (Commentary)

It’s time to make Congressional Research Service reports easily accessible to everyone.

Data Points

Can Data Impact the Drought?

Smart infrastructure can help policymakers make the most use of limited water resources.

GovGirl on Social

Online Input, Real-World Impact

Governments can get valuable citizen feedback from social media, but there are keys to being successful.

Becoming Data Smart

Protecting Big Data

Seattle’s digital privacy initiative aims to keep innovation on track with new data safeguards.


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