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September 2019

Satellite in space

Is Space the Next Frontier for Innovation in Gov Tech?

Space launches have gotten a lot cheaper and satellites have gotten a lot smaller. These two things combined mean we’re entering an age where space can factor in to service delivery for government.

First ‘High-Tech Census’ Raises Stakes for Local Government

Conversations about the Census tend to revolve around funding and political representation. But in its inaugural digital year, data gathered from the count could affect cities and citizens for the next decade.

Four Questions

Lessons from Cary, N.C.’s ‘Living Lab’ for Connected Tech

Cary, N.C., chief information officer Nicole Raimundo discusses the benefits the city has seen from its testbed for smart city technologies, and how she works to secure the data it collects.


Quantum Computing Holds Promise for the Public Sector

Quantum computers can vault far past today's systems. They could help resolve issues around health care and policy outcomes, but technologists, academia and government will need to collaborate to make them truly useful.

China Smart City Tech in Line with that of the U.S.

A firsthand look at connected technology in China, which despite the two countries’ vastly different political structures is developing along much the same path as it is in U.S. states and localities.

Waterfront Toronto Smart City Plans Raise Privacy Concerns

Two years after Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs was named the private-sector partner to revitalize a waterfront community in Toronto, citizens and city officials remain divided about whether to move forward.

Satellite Data Increasingly Affordable, Accessible for Gov

In an interview with GT, Swarm Technologies co-founder and chief technology officer Benjamin Longmier explains how his company syncs public- and private-sector clients to maximize data use from small satellites.

Point of View

Future Forward: A Glimpse at New Frontiers in Gov Tech

As new cutting-edge technologies continue to mature and find their place in the public sector, government agencies are increasingly ready to get on board and see what future tech has to offer.


The Promise and Peril of Investing in Emerging Tech

New technologies like connected cities, autonomous vehicles and machine learning may look and feel like the way of the future, but life on the bleeding-edge raises a key question: Just because we can, should we?

Data Points

Hit with a Ransomware Attack? Don’t Pay the Hackers

Ransomware attacks are on the rise across the country — 22 U.S. cities were hit in the first half of 2019. Some governments pay and some don’t, but to benefit everyone and stop the growing epidemic, no one should.


Virgin Hyperloop One Announces World’s Longest Test Track

Plus, a company partnering with IBM to use AI to stop wildfires before they burn out of control, and the Canadian government plans to put $600 million toward low Earth orbit satellites over the next decade.

Product News

Dell Precision 7740 Laptop Comes Equipped for AI and VR

Plus, the Anker PowerCore 10000 Redux portable charger offers quick, safe charging for both large and small devices, like wearables, and Xerox’s new multifunction printer enables wireless printing without a router.


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