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In a year that asked more of government than ever before, the growing and dynamic market of companies working to serve the public sector were partners in innovation, and grew their businesses in the process.
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Six years of tracking the growing gov tech market have proven that not only is it a viable space for innovation and investment, but that companies built to serve government have become essential.
Before COVID-19, a few leading governments were dabbling in chatbot technology, using AI to address common resident queries. In 2021, it’s hard to imagine government doing the people’s business without them.
Chief Innovation Officer Brendan Babb explains how COVID-19 brought new chances to innovate in Anchorage, Alaska, and how he tackles gov tech work in a far-flung city.
The 2020 Digital States Survey highlights how states used technology to face the challenges of COVID-19 head-on while maintaining momentum with the basics of what takes to serve citizens.
From fast-paced development and a focus on equity to GIS work and contact tracing, the pandemic showed that, despite challenges, digital services are crucial to making government work well today.
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